Facts & Information

Pharmaceuticals & Medical Research

  • UBUcares Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Michelle has a background in Randomized Controlled Clinical Research Trials. She specialized in conducting clinical Pharmaceutical Drugs and Medical Device development trials.
  • That’s one reason why Covid-19 and the medical treatments surrounding the virus and its vaccines are uniquely understood at UBUcares.
  • We bring real science and medicine together.  This allows patients to make the most informed decision possible regarding their health.  This is just one way UBUcares takes your Health Care to the next level.

Medical Technology

  • UBUcares brings the clinic to your home.
  • Consultations occur in your home by video or phone.
  • FDA-approved portable medical devices can be purchased to monitor your health status.
  • Highly targeted lab panels to assess and monitor your concerns.
  • Microscopy services coming soon.

Medicine for You

  • Personalized medicine is for everyone and not fear based.
  • Our nomad cares goes with you anywhere.
  • Benefit from traditional western & eastern medicine systems.
  • Our entire team has learned from people like you.
  • Years of teaching, conducting clinical trials and providing direct patient cares informs that people are happy and healthiest when they know themselves.
  • Whether high-tech or no-tech is your preference, UBUcares supports you.

Visit Types 

  • Client needs are met virtually*.
  • Consultations occur in your home by video or phone.
  • Client in person needs are by appointment only in all states.