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UBUcares was an answer to an upper respiratory infection (COVID?) that lasted for weeks.  Traditional meds and remedies were not working. Rather than face another bleak visit to a clinic, I connected with UBUcares and Dr. Morholt.  She took the time to evaluate and listen to my health concerns.  I was prescribed !@#$%^%$#@ along with vitamin supplements.  I wasn’t sure if this would work after negative comments by !@#$%^&.  I decided to try this as I didn’t want to go to a hospital and be ventilated.  Within about a week or so, I was feeling so much better.  After a couple of weeks, I had no more respiratory issues. I highly recommend UBUcares to anyone who is having the same difficulty. 

Francine Bardole

Actual Patient since 2021

If you’re people like us constantly on the go traveling by sea you know the importance of having a medical professional available to meet your needs in a prompt professional way.

We have traveled just over 7000 nm in the last 14 months and we continue on here in the Bahamas this year as we expect to travel another 6500 mile in the next 12 months.

 Dr. Michelle has exceeded our expectations for medical intellect, ability to research difficult symptoms and promptly respond while we travel at sea. If your like us traveling off shore or intra coastal and need a competent medical professional we highly recommend reaching out to Dr. Michelle from for medical peace of mind and care.

Thank you Dr. Michelle

M/V Navigator Helmsman38 Marc & Karen Johnson

Actual BlueWater Care Patients since 2021

Whenever I schedule a doctor’s appointment, the earliest appointment
is often 2 weeks out.  When I get there, I am required to fill out
paperwork and pay for my visit.  I’m told to take a seat and wait.
 After this wait, I’m taken to another room where I have to sit and
wait for the doctor.  My time is worth something and so is my health.

My insurance covers preventative car only. If they find anything, it
does not count as preventative care, and we know how overpriced
everything is when it has to go through insurance.  My deductible is
over $2000 for the year.  That has to be met before anything is
covered.  Giving carte blanche to any one doctor is not a good idea.  I
want to be able to assess the risks, possible outcomes, and
effectiveness of the treatment according to valid research.  Often, I
am not informed of all or some of these concerns.  I do not want to be
a human guinea pig.

I turned to UBUcares Telehealth, which alleviated so many of my health
and medical concerns.  UBUcares telehealth make it easy to book an
appointment and schedule a visit on my own time and in my own home.
 They take the time to go over your medical issues, conditions, and
test results.  It was nice to be explained why I would or would not
need something rather than being given a prescription and showed out
the door.  I was given informative information backed by research on
vaccines and health concerns I had.  The best part is, while I was ill,
I was seen immediately and given the expert advice and medication that
allowed me to recoup in the comfort of my home.  Thank you UBUcares
Dr. Morholt!

Alan Rice

Actual Patient since 2020